Don't Settle for Less!

There are few decisions that are more important to your career as a financial advisor than the branch and broker dealer with whom you choose to affiliate. Making the wrong decision can significantly impact your income or could result in a lack of infrastructure that results in poor client service and ultimately leads to client attrition. Balancing the support you receive with the cost of that support is critical to the long-term success of your business. Whether you recognize it or not, you are a business owner and you always have been. You've been paying for the infrastructure that your firm provides via your payout grid and if you're a W2 employee of a wirehouse, you may be overpaying for that infrastructure.  We created our turnkey model, that seeks to combine the freedom and higher retained income of independence with the infrastructure and support of being an employee advisor. We believe it is the best of both worlds. All that having been said, many advisors are comfortable at their current firm but life begins at the end of our comfort zones. Our door is always open to quality advisors and we'd love the opportunity to share some more information with you. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have, your inquiry is completely confidential. 

Our model offers the following advantages:

  • Turnkey: We cover the cost of an office, which is fully furnished and comes fully equipped with a Microsoft Surface Pro, docking station, 32 inch monitor, printer, fax, scanner and state of the art phone system with customizable call routing. Our technology platform is designed to give you the flexibility to work from the office or work from home without skipping a beat. A receptionist will answer your calls, deliver your mail and incoming faxes and a shared assistant will handle your administrative tasks. Your photo and bio will be added to our professionally designed and maintained website. All you have to do when you arrive on your first day, is hang a few family photos and you're ready to roll.
  • Freedom: You've come this far, you've built a successful business that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in revenue, you don't need your calendar filled up with mandatory firm meetings or the feeling that you have to show your face in the office. Your time is your own, you've earned that.
  • Payout: You're the tip of the spear, the rainmaker, the revenue generator for your firm, so you want to keep more of what you earn while retaining much of the infrastructure and support that you've come to rely on.
  • Transition Assistance: In most cases, transition money will be awarded based on assets under management. Most advisors think that transition money only comes with W2 employment but we offer transition assistance as well.
  • Stability: Going independent is wonderful but it's not without it's drawbacks, one such drawback is that if you're a solo practitioner, you lack a business continuation solution. What happens to your book of business if something happens to you? We have optional buy/sell agreements so that your largest asset doesn't disappear, should the unfortunate occur. We also have the ability to grant temporary access to your book to one of our other advisors or an assistant, so that you can take a vacation and actually enjoy it, as opposed to being on your laptop or fielding phone calls while your family is at the pool.
  • Strength in Numbers: If you're an independent advisor working as a solo practitioner, your client's perception may be that your business lacks the infrastructure to meet their needs. When they look up your website and it's just you, it can reflect poorly, even if you do a wonderful job of servicing your clients. They may wonder, who answers their call if you're sick or who places a trade at 3:30 in the afternoon if they can't get you on the phone. 
  • Transition Team: You'll be assigned a transition assistant to handle all of your pre-transition needs and a transition consultant to fly down from the home office and work alongside you to help efficiently move your book of business. From opening accounts to facilitating ACATs, we're by your side.
  • No Hidden Expenses: Ticket charges, technology fees, errors and omissions insurance, bonding fees, software expenses....they're all covered by the branch, so it's very easy to calculate your net payout.